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I am the author of ACCELERANT (Nixes Mate Books 2019), AGAINST PROMPTS (Lit Fest Press 2018), WE ALL SAW IT COMING (Locofo Chaps 2017), THE VIG OF LOVE (Glass Lyre Press 2016), BLASPHEMER (Lit Fest Press 2015), THE LICE OF CHRIST (MadHat Press 2014), INCOMPETENT TRANSLATIONS AND INEPT HAIKU (Cervena Barva Press 2013), POINTED SENTENCES (BlazeVOX 2012), FOURTEEN (Naked Mannekin, 2011), and WRENCH (erbacce-press 2009). POINTED MUSIC is a CD of readings of 38 of my poems set to music by Ray Fahrner.

front-cover-the-vig-of-love   BLASPHEMER by Bill Yarrow

Pointed Sentences 1









Pointed Music

Published Poems:

My poems have appeared in DIAGRAM, ContraryArsenic Lobster, PANK, Pif Magazine, Magma, Poetry International, Like Birds Lit, Ramshackle Review, New World Writing, LITSNACK, Blue Fifth Review, THIS Literary Magazine, Used Furniture Review, Everyday Genius, blue five notebook, Whale Sound, Istanbul Literary Review, Negative Suck, Thunderclap, Metazen, Right Hand Pointing, Now Culture, Atticus Review, A-Minor, fwriction: review, Prick of the Spindle, THRUSH, Camroc Press Review, The Del Sol Review, Exact Change Only, OF ZOOS, Wilderness House Literary Review, Pure Slush, rIgor mort.US, Mad Hatters’ Review, MadHat, Otoliths, Moria, Short Fast and Deadly, Lost in Thought, Literary Orphans, Scissors & Spackle, Olentangy Review, After Hours, Connotation Press, Jewish Journal, RHINO, Treehouse, Word Swell, jmww, PoetsArtists, The Montucky Review, Chicago Literati, Staxtes, Ivory Tower, Truck, AwkWord Paper Cut, The Poetry Storehouse, Reprint Poetry, Glow Worm, festival/writer, Skidrow Penthouse, The Brown Boat, Van Gogh’s Ear, Central Park, ConfrontationThe Antigonish Review, Berkeley Poets Cooperative, Poem, The Literary Review, Midstream, Hayotzer,  Cabaret Voltage Online, Mantis, The Orange Room Review, blossombones, Angelic Dynamo, ditch, Gloom Cupboard, DuPage Arts Life, erbacce, Counterexample Poetics, The Balloon, In the Red, The Centrifugal Eye, Rio Grande Review, Up the Staircase, New AestheticSculptures: the Great Columns of Joliet, One Sentence Poems, OVS, Altered Scale, The Miscreant, Poetry Super Highway, The Zen Space, Hermeneutics Chaos Literary Journal, Poetry Super Highway, Uno Kudo, Gargoyle, FRiGG, Eunoia Review, Sententia, Extract(s), The Good Men Project, Dirty Chai, YgdrasilCrack the Spine, Caravel, E Ratio, Autumn Sky Poetry, Red Fez, Full of Crow, First Literary Review – EastCorium, MockingHeart Review, Alephi. Meta/Phor(e)/Play, The Peacock Journal,  Unlost Journal, Levure Littéraire, (b)OINK, Packingtown Review, Nixes Mate Review, poeticdiversity, Mojave River Review, Moss Trill, HCE Review, Punch Drunk Press, Deer Heart, Eastern Iowa Review, Ragazine, Unlikely Stories, Thrice Fiction, FIVE:2:ONE, Spectrum, transom, Muse Apprentice Guild, Into the Void, Humanities Opposition World League, Iodine Poetry Journal, Third Wednesday, CC&D, and Novembre.

E Books:

Mashup Poetry                                                                                                                We All Saw It Coming

apnea poems

The Participle Poems

38 poems


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