Video Readings

7 poems 3

7 PoemsThe Tsunami Future, The Tree is Farther to the Man, Bats in the Catacomb, Raw Salt, Demolition Derby, Fish Boil, Poem for Danny

6 poems 2

6 PoemsGeorge, Greyhound, Joan of Dark, Love and How It Gets That Way, Cento, Eyes off the Road

5 poems 2

5 PoemsBabble, Helix Poem, Liz@Phil, She Waited for Him, Drinking an Orange Julius While Listening to Pink Floyd

4 poems 3

4 PoemsBlack Ice on the Bridge, Need, My Books, Rattlesnake Pancakes

3 poems

3 PoemsThe Sky is Simply White, Suicide Watch, Magritte


More Poems

florid 5

Six Poems: Florid Psychosis, Knot Eye, Ferdinand Gets Married, The Basement of Desire, When the Translator Disappears the Translation Withers and Dies, A Piece of Him

Ribs 3

Five PoemsThe Deterioration of My Handwriting, We Don’t Need No Education, The City Rises in Me, Four Noble Lies, Ribs

incompetent 4

Four PoemsIt’s Like, Cranshaw on a Boat, El Desdichado: an Incompetent Translation, Processes

Euclid 2

Three PoemsAgra Road, Hitting the Wall, Here’s Looking at Euclid